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Option Trading Made Easy

Why Trade Options?

With options, you can:

  • Increase Profits
  • Generate Income
  • Protect against Market Risk

Increase Profits with Options

The chart to the right shows Signals generated by OmniTrader.  We compare trading the Stock vs. trading the Options with the SAME RISK.

Increase Profits. The table compares trading the Stock (Dupont) vs. selling Puts and Calls. Profits were nearly three times higher trading options, but losses were about the same. This is just one of the “eye-opening” facts you’ll discover in OptionTrader.

Generating Income  is another great use of Options. This is where 90% of the Options Seminars focus because when you SELL options you become “the house” and time is on your side. Many traders make a livingselling the right option spreads

Protect Existing Positions against market risk using various protective Strategies. An entire portfolio can be protected from a market collapse for as little as five cents on the dollar.

You may ask, “Doesn’t it take a lot of study to understand how to trade options?”Yes, it used to! But not any more...

Finally - Option Trading Made Easy!

​Do you want to take advantage of the options market but don’t know where to start?

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Announcing OptionTrader 4


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How do you know which options method to use? Which options are expensive or cheap? Where to place your stops?

You’re going to LOVE Option Finder.

OptionTrader 4 selects the BEST Strategy using CURRENT Option Market PRICE.

  • Buy Put/Call
  • Debit Spread
  • Credit Spread
  • Calendar Spread
  • Collar
  • Covered Call
  • ButterFly
  • Condor

You see which method maximizes your potential for profits while minimizing your losses. You also see which options WITHIN the method are the best ones to trade.What could be easier?

Position Profit & Loss Curves are shown in the chart of the Underlying, making it easy to manage the trade.

Click on the Video Below for a Demo!

Canned Strategies

Including Long Option, Debit Spread, Credit Spread,  Calendar Spread, Collar, Covered Call, Butterfly and Condor.

Completely Automatic

Just put a target or range in the chart and click RUN.  Trade Plans can manage an Option Trade to completion.

Option Filters

Set Max Bid-Ask Spread, Option Price Range, Volatility, etc. for option search.

Signal Strategy Back Testing

An OptionTrader exclusive!  Add Automatic Options to ANY OmniTrader Strategy. 

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How Option Traders are Succeeding

OptionTrader makes option trading more accessible.

Rick SilbermanOptions Trader

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OptionTrader 4


  • Combine Options Spreads
  • Ability to set Limit for Combined Orders
  • Trade Plans can specify a formula to calculate a Limit on Combined Orders
  • OptionFinder - Instantly see which method maximizes your potential for profits while minimizing your risk.
  • Visual Volatility Tool - Designed to Keep You on the Right Side of the Trade!

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