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On February 12, FedEx (FDX) generates a Buy Signal and has a good chance of reaching 50% of the prior range, at about 148.*

* In our free course, we teach you how to identify optimal targets in any chart using basic principles.

FedEx Likely Move
Image 2

We placed a TARGET at 148 and a STOP LOSS just below the prior Low Level in the Chart, because this level is Primary Support for FDX.


Now let’s search for the Option Trade with the highest “Reward:Risk” (Profit to Loss) Ratio.

OptionFinder determines the March 140 Call has the highest Reward:Risk at 6.52.

We can also see that the Strategy with LEAST RISK is the Naked Put Strategy with a Risk of only 15% using our Loss Level.

Trade Manager

OptionTrader Draws the Profit & Loss Curves for your chosen trade right on the chart, so you can follow the Levels.

We can also see where the Break Even Level is (the yellow 0% Line) and when the contract(s) will expire.

Click "Trade"

Then, you can easily adjust Profit or Loss Levels right in the chart (can also use Trailing Profit Stops).

Stops can be based either on the value of the Option Position OR on the actual Underlying Chart Levels.

No other options program has this important feature.


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